Saturday, March 23, 2013

ankle update

Well 2 weeks after injuring my ankle... hikes on it every day since the emotional break down came the other morning. It did not last long I embraced the suck for 24 hours until getting to town
I woke up from a quite cold night a snow dusting on the ground heavy winds that were kicking my butt my ankle was still swollen. I also believe i hurt it again the day before.
 3--22--13 I arrived in hiawassee thank goodnees.I have bought new shoes that have ankle support and after resting my ankle I feel much better and even more confident to complete the at. I am determined to reach maine. This whole expierence so far has been absolutely amazing. Iv met such awsome people who some have inspired me to keep on truckin!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Well I have over come many fears after rolling my ankle on mile 2 on thw approach trail hiking in the rain a few days. Laughing enjoying sun rises, not being eaten by yogi great days are  yet to  come!!

Helen, GA

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The beginning

Just in a few days I will start my journey of the Appalachian Trail nobo thru hike 2013.  I will be aboarding the train with Jason and Jeremy. The past few weeks have been exhausting,preparing emotional the works. I am glad the day of departure is right around the corner. I am ready to go! gear is in place family is good no more worries EXCEPT one  just walking....  about 2200 miles. Long walk to success and my goal to Mt.Katahdin. Iv waitied for so long to do something I want to do an achievment I want to accomplish. I have alot to learn and prepared to overcome some fears.Bring it on!  Well this is it and I'd like to share my journey.I will be updating during  my travels. True beauties of nature await me !